Flash 5

Flash / 5


»»»»» I’m irrational, so irrational! You’re irrational, so irrational! Toda a gente tão irracional!

»»»»» Everybody believes irrational items. Irrational believers! Todos e todas crêem em coisas irracionais. É tão irracional! Todos y todas lo creen — en irracionalidades. En las horas. Las horas irracionales.

»»»»» As horas são abstracções irracionais. Hours are irrational abstractions. Why are they so irrational ? Por que são as horas tão irracionais?

»»»»» Se tudo não fosse irracional, ninguém acreditava nesse tudo. All absolutely irrational. If it wasn’t irrational nobody would believe it. You’re so irrational! I’m so irrational!


»»»»» [Clues:”Theories of human rationality increasing through social evolution are so groundless today as they were…”, comentário de John Gray a propósito das teorias de Herbert Spencer, no ensaio The silence of animals, 2013, p.79.]


António Sá



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